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A Laser One Play Card is a closed-system prepaid card with a magnetic stripe that allows you to use recreational equipment at Laser One. These terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") govern all Play Cards and their use. The Play Card is provided to you by General Amusements LLC (collectively "Laser One," "we," "us," "our," and "ours"). By purchasing, recharging, or using a Play Card you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions, and your use shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions as we may amend them from time to time without notice to you. You can obtain the latest version of these Terms and Conditions at the front desk at Laser One, or on our website


1. A Play Card, depending on the price of the game and the balance on your card, can activate a selected amusement device (such as an arcade game or Highway 66 Bowling, each referred to as a "game" inside Laser One), or can provide admittance to an amusement activity such as laser tag or the laser maze. Not all games, activities, products and services will be available by use of a Play Card, and the precise games, activities, products and services (if any) available for purchase using a Play Card will change from time to time without notice to you. Play Cards are available for purchase at Laser One. The purchase price of a Play Card may be waived or reduced by Laser One at its discretion based on the amount of Value (as defined in Paragraph 7) added to the card at the time of purchase, or based on the nature of the particular sale, or as part of a promotion.

2. Each game, amusement activity, product or service that we make available by use of a Play Card will carry a price, denominated in "Credits" (coin-action games work differently, see Paragraph 27). Credits that you purchase are stored on the Play Card that you use to purchase them. The number of Credits required to play a game or enter an attraction is displayed on each game in the display window on the Play Card swipe unit affixed to that game or attraction. With each swipe of a Play Card, Credits are deducted from the total number of Credits on the Play Card used, and the remaining number of Credits on the card is shown on the display of the swipe unit. Certain games may reward "Tickets" (sometimes called "points") when played, and those Tickets may be redeemed for merchandise as described in these Terms and Conditions. The Tickets that you win are stored on the Play Card.

3. The price of Credits, the number of Credits required to play the various games and attractions, and the various games' Ticket payouts, are subject to change at any time and from time to time by Laser One without notice to you ahead of time. The number of Credits required may be less if the Play Card being used has "VIP" status, and if so the VIP price will appear along with the regular price on the swipe unit for the particular attraction. The circumstances under which a card is given and retains VIP status are set by Laser One based on frequency of use, volume of transactions, or other factors that are subject to change and special promotions by Laser One from time to time.

4. There are different kinds of Credits that may be added to a Play Card. The different kinds are called Credits, Bonus Credits, and Courtesy Credits. Credits are described above. Bonus Credits are extra credits that Laser One adds to your card as an incentive to make certain purchases; for example, with the addition of a certain dollar value to a card Laser One might add 10% additional Bonus Credits. Bonus Credits are valid for all attractions and games at Laser One in the same way as regular Credits. Courtesy Credits are given at the discretion of Laser One management to compensate customers for experiences that may not have met the customer's reasonable expectations. Courtesy Credits will not operate games that award Tickets.

5. Laser One may make "Passports" available for purchase at a fixed price. Passports will be stored on Play Cards in the same way as Credits. A Passport will allow use of or entry to a particular game or attraction, or a specified group of games, attractions, or both, for a specified number of plays, or for a specified duration of time, or during specified hours when Laser One is open for business. There may be other valuable features with, and also limits and conditions on, the use of particular Passports that will be disclosed to you by Laser One before purchase, so that you will know exactly what you are buying.

6. When a Play Card has more than one form of value stored on it that is eligible for use on the game or attraction on which it is swiped, the cost of the game or attraction will be charged against the values in the following order of priority: First, against any Passport on the Play Card that may be valid for the game or attraction at that time; second, against any Courtesy Credits on the Play Card if permitted to be used for the game or attraction; third, against any Bonus Credits on the Play Card if permitted to be used for the game or attraction; and last, against the Credits on the Play Card.

7. Though these Terms and Conditions refer to "Credits," "Passports," and "Tickets" (collectively called "Value") as being "stored on" your Play Card, your physical Play Card actually carries only unique Play Card identification data that are encrypted in the magnetic and zebra stripes on its back. The associated values are maintained only in a database on Laser One's computer system, which must be accessed for payment authorization upon each use of your Play Card. No record of the value is electronically or physically stored on the card itself.

8. You may use your Play Card at a kiosk in the store to check the Credits, Passports and Tickets on the card, to check recent additions and subtractions to the values on the Play Card, or to add Value to the card. You may also use your Play Card at a token changer in Laser One to purchase tokens that activate coin-action games that do not accept your Play Card. See Paragraph 27 about coin-action games. Passports may not be purchased through the kiosks.

9. Tickets may be redeemed for merchandise at the redemption counter inside of Laser One.

10. The Value stored on your Play Card never expires and is never subject to a maintenance fee of any kind.

11. You may transfer or combine all Credits, Passports and Tickets from a Play Card that you own onto another Play Card. The Play Card from which the balances are transferred will contain a zero balance after the transfer, but will remain active to allow for additional recharges.

12. Laser One is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged Play Cards containing Value, except that if you previously registered your card Laser One will transfer the unredeemed Value to another Play Card that you may own or purchase. After transfer the number of Credits and Tickets on the original card will be zero. Should your card be lost or stolen it is important for you to notify Laser One very quickly, because Laser One will not replace Value depleted from the card beforehand by an unauthorized person. If the lost or stolen card was unregistered, Laser One will be unable to give any credit or refund respecting the Value on the card.

13. Any resale or other transfer of a Play Card makes the Play Card and associated Value void and subject to cancellation by Laser One.

14. Your Play Card has no cash value. This means it is non-refundable and will not be redeemed for cash, except if required by law.

15. Subject to applicable law, you agree to pay any sales tax imposed upon purchases made by use of your Play Card.

16. Laser One reserves the right not to accept a Play Card if it believes the use is unauthorized, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or violates these Terms and Conditions.

17. You will not receive statements of itemized transactions involving your Play Card.

Purchase and Balances

18. You may purchase a Play Card or add Value to one with cash, or with a debit or credit card, or using any other payment method generally accepted by Laser One including a Laser One gift card. Play Cards may be purchased at Laser One from authorized Laser One employees, or online at www., or at a kiosk inside of Laser One. A Laser One Gift Card may not be used directly as Play Card and the swipe units and kiosks will not recognize them, but you can use them at the Laser One front desk to a Play Card, Credits and Passports. If you have old Laser One game tokens from before we began the use of Play Cards, we will honor them at the rate of 25¢ each in exchange for your purchase of a Play Card or Credits. We will honor old "Vending Value Coupons" that previously operated Highway 66 Bowling, by adding onto your Play Card one Passport good for one 10-frame game of Highway 66 Bowling, for each 4 Coupons that you turn in; if less than 4, we will credit you $1 for each towards such a Passport.

19. A one-time fee may be charged (in addition to the price of your desired amount of Credits and Passports) to purchase the Play Card itself. Laser One may offer to waive the one-time fee upon the purchase of a minimum number of Credits for the card, or under certain promotions available from time to time. You should visit the Laser One website or ask at Laser One for details. The Play Card can be recharged for no additional fee other than the price of the Credits and Passports added to it. Recharges may be limited to certain denominations, depending on the method that you choose.

20. The number of Credits remaining on your Play Card will appear on the swipe device whenever you use it to purchase a game at Laser One. You may check the number of Credits and Tickets on your Play Card for no charge at a kiosk in Laser One or by visiting

21. When the display window at a game or attraction reads "Insufficient Funds," the number of Credits required for the game or attraction is more than the number of Credits remaining on your Play Card. However, you may have enough Value to play another game or attraction that costs less to play. Therefore, you should check your Play Card balance and select a game that you can play for the amount remaining on your Play Card.

22. If you do not have enough Credits on your Play Card to play any game at Laser One, you can recharge your Play Card, transfer the remaining Value on the card to another Play Card, or keep the card and the Value on it for your next trip to Laser One. If none of these options is acceptable to you, inquire at the front desk at Laser One to be permitted to exchange the card itself and its entire remaining Value (no matter how small, but greater than zero) for a single play of Galactix or other game selected by Laser One.


23. Certain games award Tickets for play. The number of Tickets awarded is regulated by law. Electronic Tickets will be stored on your Play Card in place of paper tickets that were previously awarded by Laser One. Electronic Tickets are automatically stored on your Play Card and are called "Ticket(s)" in these Terms and Conditions. Tickets have no cash value and may not be refunded. They also may not be exchanged, other than for merchandise at Laser One's redemption counter.

24. You may redeem Tickets for merchandise at the redemption counter in Laser One. Tickets may be saved on your Play Card for later use. Each merchandise item in the redemption counter is displayed with its price denominated in Tickets. When you select an item at the redemption counter, the required number of Tickets is deducted from the Ticket balance on your Play Card. Merchandise is provided to you with no warranties whatsoever, and may not be returned or exchanged.

25. Based on pricing and availability of merchandise at the redemption counter, you may not have enough Tickets to redeem any item, or you may not have enough Tickets remaining after a purchase to afford any additional items. In this case the unused Tickets have no value, though you may keep them on your Play Card for use the next time you visit Laser One.

26. Your Ticket balance on your Play Card may be checked in the same manner as your Credit balance as explained above. Like the number of Credits on your Play Card, your Tickets never expire and carry no maintenance fee.

27. Certain games at Laser One are token-activated coin-action games that award Tickets for playing. Coin-action games are arcade games where a token inserted by you is an integral part of the game, such as those games requiring skill to drop a coin into a slot at just the right moment to hit a moving target. Tokens to operate these games may be purchased only at Laser One at a token changer. Games of this type formerly awarded paper tickets at the conclusion of play, however electronic Tickets are added to the Play Card upon your purchase of the tokens. The number of Tickets awarded is shown on the swipe unit on the token changer where the tokens are purchased.

Game Malfunctions

28. Tickets will only be awarded to you for redemption games only where no malfunction has occurred. If a game malfunctions during game play, you will be allowed one free game play at the same game, or if that game cannot be quickly put back into service, at another game (similar if possible) selected by Laser One. If a game malfunctions during a play, no Tickets will be awarded for that play, but instead you will receive the Tickets awarded for playing the free substituted game.

29. Upon confirmation by Laser One that a game has awarded too few Tickets, Laser One will increase the Ticket balance on your Play Card to the correct number. If Laser One confirms that excessive Tickets have been dispensed due to error or a game malfunction, Laser One will subtract that corresponding number of Tickets from your Play Card.

30. Laser One reserves the right to make any adjustments to the number of Credits or Tickets on your Play Card as necessary due to game malfunction, error, or fraud, in its sole and absolute discretion.

Cancellation of Play Card

31. Laser One may suspend or terminate your Play Card and revoke or limit your rights to use your Play Card and the Laser One facilities at any time without notice. A suspension or termination for cause will be made without liability, reimbursement or compensation to you. A suspension or termination "for cause" is one resulting from your fraudulent or unauthorized use of the Play Card, your violation of these Terms and Conditions, or your violent, malicious or illegal act at Laser One. If we terminate your card for any of these reasons your Play Card(s) and all Credits, Tickets and Passports on your Play Card(s) will be voided and may not be used, and you will receive no compensation from us for any of them.

32. If we terminate your Play Card for any reason other than for cause we will refund or issue store credits to you equal to (i) the value of the Credits other than Bonus Credits or Courtesy Credits remaining on your card at the rate of 20¢ per Credit, plus (ii) the value of remaining Passports on your card at the price you paid for them, plus (iii) the Ticket balance on the card times 1¢ per Ticket, minus (iv) any amounts that you owe Laser One.

Errors and Corrections

33. We reserve the right to correct the Value on your Play Card if we believe that an error has occurred. If you have questions regarding your transaction history, or if you dispute any transaction or correction that has been assessed against your Play Card please first register your card (see above) then call Laser One at (973) 702-0500 during regular business hours or send an e-mail to including your contact information, the name under which your card is registered, and a description of your problem. We will look into your issue and communicate the results and correct any error that we find. If we find no error, we will give you an explanation. We have no liability for any billing or Play Card balance error unless you provide us written notice (by hand-delivery, postal mail or e-mail) within 60 days after the transaction giving rise to the error.

34. For your own protection you should check your Play Card balance as you leave Laser One each time, because this is when you and Laser One personnel will best recall the day's events and best be able to correct any problems in a way that is fair to you.

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