Laser Tag

What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is high-tech manhunt for everyone from age 6 to 96.

Our laser tag arena features one of the only multi-level layouts in New Jersey, with 2 full stories of towers and ramps for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Players wear a light-weight vest and carry a futuristic phaser to "tag" opponents with a visible laser light beam and score points.

The arena announcer will count down to the game start and announce lead changes, time left in the game and other more game-specific events.

The special effects lighting turns the arena the color of the team in the lead and interacts with game announcements.

At the end of the game, each player gets a computer-generated scorecard with personalized statistics including score, rank, winning team, and even a breakdown of hit to shot ratio between himself and each other person in the arena.


(Minimum age: 6)

1 mission:   $15
*3 missions:   $30 (same person same day)
*Unlimited missions:   $35 (same person same day)

Game Types

The Rush:
 This game requires savvy and planning.  This game is usually a team game, but can also be played as a solo game. You will start with 2500 Ammo but only 10 energy. Tag the 10 credit GEM for 1000 points! Dark Thief steals 20% of opponent's energy and 10% of opponent's credits. Nebulizer is awesome for defense: tag an opponent with Nebulizer to deal 20 points and 4 energy damage to the person you tagged, and the 3 credit GEM that gives nebulizer also gives you 3 energy. The only way to lose points in this game is to get tagged by someone with nebulizer. Energy/Ammo, Lives, Dark Thief, Nebulizer

Team Base:
 This game is similar to Base Defender.   Blue team defends GEM 1, Red team defends GEM 2.    Destroy the opposing team's base by tagging it twice consecutively (wait 10 seconds then tag it again.) and receive a 1000 point reward. A base GEM is only 7 credits, but because players must tag the GEM twice, 14 credits are needed to destroy it.  Players can defend their own base by spending 10 of their own credits on the base to cancel the first tag by an opponent.  A base cannot be destroyed again for 30 seconds.  Players start with 20 energy and 1000 ammo.  Dark Thief steals 25% of opponent's Energy, 20% credits and 10% ammo. Energy/Ammo, Lives, Dark Thief

 This is our most popular eliminator game. Progress through the Levels by tagging the colored GEMS in the correct order: GREEN (5 credits) YELLOW (10 credits) RED (15 credits) - like a traffic light.  The Yellow GEM awards Nebulizer. The Red GEM awards Rubber Shoes and tags with Lightning.  Gain Electroblaster and 'GAME OVER' a player with 1 shot!   Players start the game with only 99 Energy and 1 Life.  Your only goal is to be the last player standing.  Players are ranked by time played before being eliminated, not by points!  Terms you should know about (hover): Energy/Ammo, Lives, Nebulizer, Rubber Shoes, Lightning, Electroblaster, Sudden Death

King of the Hill:
 This game is for 2-4 teams.  Friendly Fire is OFF. Players start with only 20 Energy.  Hold the center DOMINATION GEM to receive 50 points every 10 seconds. Dark thief steals 10% of Energy and 10% of points!   Terms you should know about (hover): Energy/Ammo, Lives, Dark Thief

Pink Panther:
 5 of the 7 GEMs are very cheap, and hold Dark Thief. DarkThief takes 100% of credits from players tagged. Tag the 80 Credit GEM to gain 1000 points. In Team Pink Panther, Friendly Fire is on: steal points from your teammates, too!  For groups fewer than 12, the Point GEM is only 33 credits.   Terms you should know about (hover): Dark Thief

Borg Acquisition:
 This game is for the most advanced players!  Once a teammate has captured a GEM, that GEM takes on that team's color and can be tagged by that team only.  Players start with 1000 ammo and 20 energy. A standard tag takes 5 points but does NOT take away any energy. Megapower takes 10 points and 3 energy. Electroblaster takes 25 points and 99 energy. Dark Thief takes 10% points and 10% energy.  Friendly Fire is ON.
The GEMs are priced as follows:  
15 credits:200 Ammo + 2 Energy + 75 points. 
15 credits:200 Ammo + 2 Energy + 75 points. 
15 credits:200 Ammo + 2 Energy + 75 points. 
30 credits:Rubber Shoes for 2 minutes + 300 points + strikes with lightning (Electroblaster for 45 seconds)
40 credits: Megapower + Invisibility for 3 minutes + 500 points.
50 credits:Dark Thief for 3 minutes + 600 points.
80 credits:Invulnerability for 17 seconds + 1 energy + 250 Ammo + Rapid Fire for 15 seconds + 1000 points.
Terms you should know about (hover): Energy/Ammo, Lives, Dark Thief, Borg, Rubber Shoes, Lightning, Electroblaster

Solo Stalk:
 This is an advanced solo game with limited Ammo and Energy. A player starts with only 500 Ammo, 10 Energy and 2 Lives. This game will go into Sudden Death if there are still players in the game when the clock runs out.  Your only goal is to be the last player standing.  Players are ranked by time played before being eliminated, not by points!  Terms you should know about (hover): Energy/Ammo, Lives, Sudden Death

Ultimate Domination:
 This game is for 2-4 teams. All of the GEMs are worth 3 credits, and every GEM is a Domination GEM. This means that when you purchase a GEM, that GEM will switch to your team color and add 100 points every 10 seconds to your score (and your team's score). Capture GEMs for your team!  Dark Thief steals points!  Friendly fire is ON.  Terms you should know about (hover): Dark Thief

Base Defender:
 This game tends to require more teamwork. Players start with 20 Energy. Each team is given a GEM to defend, and must coordinate their attack on the other team's GEM.  Capture results in personal temporary INVULNERABILITY in addition to 1000 points.  Terms you should know about (hover)Energy/Ammo, Lives

Defecting Teams:
 Tag the colored GEMs to defect to that GEM's team! GREEN is the most expensive color. The advantage to being on a team with fewer players is: you have more targets and therefore more opportunities to score points.  What makes this game a lot of fun is that although it has a "team" feel to it, a player has no allegiance to any color.  Your goal is to score the most points possible!  Strategic color changing helps you do that.

 This game is also sometimes called "Infection." Everyone starts out GREEN except one player randomly selected by the computer, who starts RED. Just as in a team game, players tag the opposite color, with one catch: when a RED player tags a GREEN player his pack changes to RED. This means that gradually all the players in the arena will become RED. The last GREEN player receives 1000 points for his elusive skills, and the computer switches the pack colors: the survivor becomes RED and the rest of the players become GREEN. Some of the GEMs in the arena are colored. If a player wishes to switch his team from RED to GREEN or GREEN to RED, he can purchase a new color from an appropriately colored GEM provided he has enough credits.

Team/Solo Blasters:
  Slightly more advanced than the Team Basic game. Gain 25 points for each tag, lose 5 points each time you get tagged.  Players start out with only 15 energy; a player's energy is used up by being tagged. When a player loses all of his energy, he is out of the game for 10 seconds.  Terms you should know about (hover): Megapower, Dark Thief, Rubber Shoes, Lightning , Electroblaster.

Team Basic:
  The first game you will play at Laser One.  Gain 10 points for each tag, gain 10 points for each credit spent. There is no penalty for getting tagged. Capture GEMs for your team! Every 15 seconds your team controls a GEM, your team gets 11 points!

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Intermediate Games

Advanced Games

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Defecting Teams Base Defender Solo Stalk
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