of Operation

Today's Hours:


Hours During the School Year
3:30pm - 6pm
Private Events (Book yours!)
3:30pm - 6pm
4:30pm - 11pm
11am - 11pm
11am - 8pm


Teacher's Convention Week Hours
Sunday, 11/3:
Daylight Savings - Open 10am - 8pm
Tuesday, 11/4:
Open 3pm - 6pm
Tuesday, 11/5:
Open 3pm - 6pm
Wednesday, 11/6:
Open 3pm - 6pm
Thursday, 11/7:
Open 11am - 8pm
Friday, 11/8:
Open 11am - 11pm



Is there an upcoming school holiday that you think Laser One should know about?
If your school has a holiday coming up in the next 3 or 4 weeks and you don't see it reflected above, let Laser One know! Click the button below and fill out the form...and tell your friends to do the same! If enough people have interest in a particular date and Laser One has notice, Laser One may adjust hours of operation for that date.

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