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Sunday April 9 Laser One is celebrating National Siblings Day

April 9th we are celebrating Siblings Day

Siblings have a special kind of relationship. They help us learn to share, and they are our first rivals. In that spirit, we created several new laser tag missions for National Siblings Day.

Borg Games at Laser One

What is "Borg?"

Any Star Trek fan knows that the Borg are a fictional alien race that have appeared in various Star Trek episodes and movies. They are a species whose individual members share a collective mentality, and through fictional electronics each is always aware of what the others are experiencing. Each subordinates his well-being to that of the "Collective" or "hive."

Laser One brings the Borg concept to your laser tag experience with some new team and squad games.

Borg Team Games

Teammates share credits

Every time anyone on your team tags an opponent, everyone on your team will get a credit (not just the person who made the tag). This makes your credits accumulate very quickly.

Teammates share powers

Any member of your team can spend the credits that all of you have been collecting. When anyone on your team purchases a power from a GEM, the credits will be subtracted from everyone on the team, but the whole team receives the power.

For example, if with a team of 6 each tags one opponent, all 6 players will have 6 credits. If one member of the team then purchases Invisibility from the 4-credit GEM, all 6 players immediately become invisible with 2 credits remaining.

Teammates share lives

In a basic game players start out with 2000 ammo, 99 energy and 80 lives. Every time you pull your trigger, you spend 1 ammo, and every you are tagged you lose one energy (megapower - the power that sounds like "pew! pew!" - deals double damage).

When you reach 0 energy or 0 ammo you lose a life. It is normally very difficult to lose a life. However Borg teammates do not share energy or ammo, but if any member of a team runs out of either energy or ammo, the whole team loses a life. When this happens your laser tag pack will shut down for 10 seconds and you will lose 20 points, and you also lose all of your unspent credits and any powers (such as invisibility) that you had.

Borg Squad Games

We can also play Borg Pairs, Borg Triplets, and Borg Quads. These are similar to Borg team games, but with very small teams called "squads."

At the beginning of the mission the computer assembles all of the players into squads by laser tag pack number. For example, in a Borg Triplets game, packs 1, 2 and 3 will be one squad; packs 4, 5 and 6 will be another squad, and so forth. Players in each Borg squad share credits, powers and lives but not energy or ammo, just like Borg team members in a Borg team game.

In Borg squad games any player can tag any other player - even if they are in the same squad! If a squad of players can figure out how to work well together, they can get amazing scores. Things can really get crazy!


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